Expert examination of buildings and constructions

Among the activities of the Independent Institute of Legal Expertise is a technical examination of buildings and constructions. Our  specialists detect any defect detection of the object, submit  recommendation for usage of the building in the future, issue an expert conclusion concerning the condition of the building and the compliance with state standards.
In its activities IILE uses only modern research methods, which allows for diagnosing of building constructions without compromising its functionality.
When is it necessary to conduct expert examination?

  • To legitimize the unauthorized construction of houses, buildings, or other real estate on the land, not designed for this purpose;
  • When planning a major overhaul, modernization, renovation or restoration of buildings and structures;
  •  To determine the condition of emergency building and its structures after natural disasters (fire, flood , explosion , etc.);
  • In case of purchase of a building or premises;
  • To change the functional purpose of the building.

IILE’s experts provide technical services for the certification and technical inventory.