Independent Expertise in Kiev

Independent expert examination in Kyiv

By practically any transaction with the property, you sooner or later face the need to conduct an assessment of a house, apartment or other building. The valuation of real estate in Kiev is carried out in the course of transactions in the sale of buildings, to determine the share of the owner, participant or investor, with the privatization of state property, as well as in the cases of the lease of the object and the contribution to the share capital. When lending a mortgage or assignment of claims, it also means valuation of real estate. In addition, if you have lawsuits on tax and property disputes, determine the magnitude of the loss or conduct a procedure for liquidation of an enterprise, then independent valuation of the property will not be superfluous.
Experts of the Independent Institute of Forensic Experts carry out an assessment:
Lease (including rent);
Private house;
Commercial objects;
Unfinished construction objects.
Stages of work
The work begins with discussing the objectives of the operation and other aspects with the client, only then an agreement on the provision of such a service is concluded, such as assessment of the value of real estate. The contract specifies the period for which the property appraisal will be made, the cost of the organization's services.
Next is the stage of collecting all the necessary information and documentation in order to objectively calculate the value of real estate. After all the papers are in the possession of a specialist, he begins a direct review and analysis of the object. When evaluating the cost of buildings, research on communications (sewage, gas supply, electrical wiring, signaling and fire safety systems) is carried out, regardless of the purpose of the building. An overview of the appearance of the structure itself.
Analyzing all collected information, a specialist calculates and prepares a report on the work done. All these documents, as well as a direct assessment of the market value of the property, are provided to the client.
Our services
Often, our services resorted to people with existing reports with a certain value of property made by other companies, and asked to make their expertise. This is done to carefully check the reliability of the results of the work performed and the compliance of a particular report with legislative and regulatory documents. Our employees are extremely pedantically approached with such orders, resulting in a final act issued to clients, which describes all existing inconsistencies and violations. When rendering services for valuation of real estate an important condition for its objective performance is the complete independence of the appraiser from the customer and the object being evaluated.
Determine the list of documents required for the calculation of value:
BTI documents;
Certificate of state registration of property rights;
Documents certifying the receipt of ownership of the object.
Estimation of the value of the property of commercial objects is also based on the lease agreement, the average annual cost of the building, its book value and security certificate. You must apply to the Independent Institute for Forensic Examination to achieve an effective independent work of various kinds.