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Economic expertise. Independent Institute of Legal Expertise provides services in conducting independent economic expertise in Ukraine. During the examination of economic experts conduct a detailed analysis and examination of documents and tax accounting books that contain information that was the basis for decision making. Materials for independent economic expertise may be of primary accounting documents, among which - revenue and expenditure bills, statements materially responsible persons, stock control cards, bank statements and documents of financial statements - balance sheets, income statement, etc. Based on the information obtained by independent experts conduct research, resulting in accounting expertise. With advanced equipment, skilled workers and innovative techniques of forensic analysis IILE center ensures that an independent economic assessment will be conducted at the highest level of quality and in accordance with legal regulations, making the result of such examination is an important factor in resolving disputes.
The economic assessment includes:
  • research documents accounting, tax accounting and reporting;
  • study documents the economic activity of enterprises and organizations
  • study documents the financial and credit transactions.
For the economic expertise, the customer must provide all relevant accounting records, and when accounting records are maintained in electronic form of computing, experts provided documents on storage media (print ledgers), must duly certified.