Independent Institute Of Legal Expertise


In Ukraine the role of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms (Alternative Dispute Resolution, ADR) is increasing. By means of ADR conflicting parties can come to a peaceful settlement of the conflict. The experience of the member states of the European Union shows that the system ADR, which includes commercial arbitration, mediation and expertise, has a number of advantages for the parties, namely: saving time and money, privacy, flexibility procedure and, most importantly, maintaining partnerships between the parties of the conflict. ADR system successfully operates in Belgium, France, Austria, Norway and Finland. According to statistics, in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, 83-85% of all conflicts are solved with the use of alternative methods of conflict resolution.

To alternative dispute resolution is related independent expertise and assesstment. It helps to achieve accuracy and professional rationality in addressing controversial issues. Examination as a form of dispute settlement stimulates self-determination of the parties, because they voluntarily and at their discretion elect experts, determine their objectives and the scope of authority.
IILE - Your partner in achieving of success!

Independent Institute of Legal Expertise conducts expertise not only throughout Ukraine but also in other European countries, every year expands the geography of its activities. Through partnership with the International Centre for Forensic Expertise under the European Arbitration Chamber (Brussels, Belgium) IILE  involves not only the best Ukrainian but also foreign forensic experts, who are specializing in various fields.