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The main purpose of the study is the examination of autotechnical accident, which is conducted by experts, in order to clarify the issues that are important for the resolution of criminal, civil or administrative proceedings related to the incident, if the answer to these questions requires knowledge in forensic vehicles.

Vehicles are subject to judicial technical patterns and dynamics of accidents, methods and techniques of research to the technical side.

On this stage of development of expert practice there are the following types of autotechnical expertise:

  • Investigating the circumstances of an accident (mainly by computational methods)
  • Expertise of the marks of the vehicles at place of accident - transport trasological expertise.
  • Investigation of the technical condition of vehicles and their individual units, parts and components - technical and diagnostic expertise.

The objects of expert research may be:

the materials of the case and the evidence, the vehicles that have been in an accident, their separate units, components and parts, as well as the tracks, which were formed at the place of an accident.