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Construction expertise in Kiev.
Independent Institute of Legal Expertise - offers services for the construction and and technical expertise in Kiev . If you need to carry out construction expertise, first of all it is important to define the tasks set by the experts, for examination (building) answers to several questions, including:
- Determination of residual actual or replacement cost of the construction project;
- Determining the cost of design work for the construction, repair or renovation of the construction;
- Determining the cost of construction for a specific date;
- Determining the cost, wasted materials for the construction or repair;
To all the questions above answers expertise in the construction industry or as often we can meet in everyday life building technical expertise. The main tasks of building and technical expertise is to determine the market value of real estate, determine whether performance on the subject of work specified in reporting, determination of the volume and value of construction works, compliance (non-compliance) constructed or renovated building project and the requirements of the state building code (DBN) etc.. If you need to know the details, prices and to order construction expertise in Kiev - you can contact the experts of the Independent  Institute of Legal Expertise IILE.