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Costs and commodity expertise and expert studies carried out by qualified legal experts of the following specialties:

12.1. "Evaluation of machinery, equipment, raw materials and consumer goods";

 Typically, commodity expertise are in the following cases:

A. By decree or judgment;

2. In carrying out export-import (customs value);

3. To determine the value of collateral for loans.

4. For insurance, indemnity insurance in case

5. For the purposes of tax accounting.

6. In the section of property between co-owners.

7. To determine the amount of material damage to property at flood, fire and other insurance cases.

8. In the other cases.

The main criteria in evaluating the product is its commodity characteristics, quality, technical or technological status, consumer value and appeal of purchasing.

The main commodity characteristics necessary to identify the objects of study are the following data:

- Trade mark;

- Model of the product;

- Completeness;

- Material and workmanship;

- Country of origin;

- Data acquisition and life;

- Specifications;

- Design features and performance, depending on the product groups.


         As the expert practice, this type of evaluation as determining the amount of damage, is one of the most popular in the following cases:

- Damage or destruction of property due apartments’ flood;

- As a result of fire damage by fire or explosions as a result;

- In case of failure of electronic equipment, office equipment, home appliances installed in the premises as a result  regimes in the electrical network;

- As a result of accidents (accidents, accidents, animal attacks, etc.).

Quality - a set of characteristic properties, shape, appearance and conditions of use, which should have products to suit your purpose. All these elements determine the requirements for quality products from the standpoint of the consumer.

In assessing the quality of damaged goods, commodity expert must take into account changes in consumer properties, properties that determine suitability to meet human needs as directed the product. Each product has a known quality that set these properties, depending on the destination device.

To evaluate the quality of property should compare quantitative indicator of its quality, quantitative index that reflects consumer demands for quality products.

In practice, experts estimate no money in the quality of products as the relative response based on a comparison of quality indicators evaluated the damaged goods with the relevant basic data. By taking the basic indicators that reflect the mandatory requirements for specific product groups listed in the regulations.

When the review expert examines actual changes associated with a lower efficiency of products from external adverse factors. Depending on the technical feasibility and economic feasibility of recovering the lost consumer properties of the physical deterioration of damaged property is divided into two types:

- So that it is possible to remove, allowing repair and economically feasible;

- One that cannot be removed or if removal is technically impossible or economically impractical.

The nature and amount of wear affect numerous design, production and performance quality indicators according to different product groups. Expert in a review of the property considering eliminating inconsistencies that have led to damage of products.

Removal of non - action taken against objects in order to eliminate defects, restore the aesthetic requirements of their quality and compliance with the source operating parameters (functionality).

Each type of product is characterized by a large number of properties and, consequently, a large number of quality indicators.

Single indicator of quality is called the index, which characterizes one of the properties of the product. If Quality characterizes several properties consumer products, it is called complex.

By products of all commodity groups, depending on the purpose and use imposed different requirements.

The main ones are functional, aesthetic and ergonomic requirements.

Consider some kind of quality products.

Indicators of reliability characterize the reliability of the product as a whole and simple properties, such as:

- Reliability (feature products continuously to maintain its performance, for some period of time or certain);

- Reliability (ability to maintain its product performance to the ultimate state in the installed system maintenance and repairs);

- Maintainability (property merchandise is its adaptability to prevent and detect the causes of its failure, damage and elimination of their consequences by carrying out repairs and maintenance);

-Ergonomic parameters characterizing the serviceability of products, the degree of fatigue man with the speed and accuracy performance of certain operations using a product, energy consumption and energy of man and so on. This group of indicators taking into account the complex hygienic, anthropometric, physiological and psychological properties of the person who found and the process of human interaction with the product ("person - the product").

Ergonomic quality indicators are divided into four groups: toiletries (characterizing the compatibility of hygienic conditions of life and disability rights in its interaction with the product in a particular environment), anthropometric (conformity of products or parts anthropometric properties, rights, its typical size and shape of the body), physiological , physiological, and others.

Functional requirements include compliance products for their purpose. In turn, ease of use depends on the correct choice of construction materials and other features. The design of the product to ensure its free assembly and dismantling, replacing if necessary material or entire elements.

Aesthetic requirements into account, the products together with the functions of a purely utilitarian to a large extent there is a means of decoration (for example, furniture should have the right mix of color facial surfaces of individual elements, etc.). Aesthetic parameters characterizing the information expression, rational form, integrity and excellence of song production of products.

Depending on the type of product, product group and destination, change damage as single indicators of quality and overall performance of different groups of consumer characteristics. So, if damaged items shoes hot water change as anthropometric characteristics (changes shape and size of shoe) and aesthetic indicators (commodity type products). These figures should be taken into account during the investigation of the damaged property.

In conducting commodity studies expert based on visually established damage determines the overall degree of wear of deterioration of technical and operational quality of products, compared with the provisions of regulated documents directly reflected in the ratio value objectively necessary repairs to restore objects to the initial state.