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Land valuation

Expert evaluation of land - the process of determining the market value of the land. The market value and the land valuation depends on many factors, such as the location of the land, the size of the site, market demand for land in the region. Independent land valuation (Kiev) - is one of the main activities of Forensic Science Centre IILE, independent experts to assess, in accordance with all legal requirements and to the highest professional level.

Typically, when it comes to assessment of land, you must define or market value of land, or the market value of the right to lease land. Likely that the assessment of the property such as land, in turn, depends on its location and impact of external factors, as well as supply and demand in the market and the nature of competition, sellers and buyers, and can not exceed the likely costs the acquisition of a plot of equivalent value.

Goals assessment of land:

• Assessment of land to transfer them to provide loans;

• Assessment of land within the business valuation;

• Assessment of land for inheritance;

• Assessment of land for property disputes;

• Evaluation of the privatization of state property;

• Cadastral assessment of land;

• For registration of transactions;

• Evaluation of the right to lease land.

List of documents for assessment of land:

• Documents confirming ownership of land (ownership, lease, etc. on the ground).

• Data on the territorial boundaries of the area (up surveying plan or map land from the designation and description of location).

• Information on existing encumbrances, including the pledge or debt, the presence of tenants, legal notices, agreements, contracts, agreements and other restrictions on use (if any).