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Independent Institute of Legal Expertise - is one of the leading, non-state institutions in Ukraine, which offers services to independent judicial review. Independent Institute of Legal Expertise provides in conducting various types of independent examinations: building technical expertise, autotechnical examination expertise, fire-technical expertise, psychological, scientific, legal and other forms of peer review. From skilled experts, powerful material and technical base and vast experience, expert opinion, which you get in our Institute, can be successfully used in the trial. Well-conducted examination - is the key to confidence in solving legal disputes. Experts of Institute are doing their job professionally, objectively and independently, so that each forensic examination carried out in the IILE complies with all legal requirements, which gives our customers confidence in solving legal disputes. To date, the six regional centers of Ukraine work research institutes forensic examinations, but apart from the state Forensic Science Institute, operated as non-state, including leadership takes the Institute of Independent Expertise IILE. Independent examination is intended law enforcement, judicial, and thanks to long experience and professional approach to his work, IILE has established himself as one of the top Independent Expertise Centre in Ukraine.

Types of examinations conducted in the IILE:

- Economic analysis (analysis of documents accounting, tax accounting and reporting documents on economic activity of enterprises and organizations, documents, financial and credit transactions, including establishing the validity of acts of documentary checks and making regulatory agencies);

- Building and technical expertise (research of real estate, building materials, construction and related documents, distribution of land and determine the order of use of land, including determining the market value of construction work, setting the size of damage caused to property owners, establishing the facts of construction works and compliance with design estimates documentation requirements DBN);

Assessment examination (evaluation of land, evaluation of integral property complexes, shares, securities, evaluation of building projects and structures, evaluation of machinery, equipment, vehicles, aircraft, shipping facilities);

 - Auto and technical expertise (research the circumstances of the accident, the technical condition of vehicles, parts vehicles);

- Commodity-expertise(determination of qualitative changes in goods, setting the mode of production products, determining the value of output, determine the amount of damage caused to the owner of property due to damage to the property);

- Fire-technical expertise (to determine the causes, conditions and processes of fire, the circumstances that contributed to the emergence and spread of fire line maintenance of the facility fire regulations);

- Psychiatric expertise (determining moral damages);

- Examination of intellectual property;

- Analysis of the conclusions of examinations performed by other expert agencies;

- Other types of examinations.

Author: Gennadiy Pampukha