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Independent Institute Of Legal Expertise

The Independent Institute of Legal Expertise - is one of the largest non-state forensic institutions in Ukraine that provides a full range of expert services since 2007. We are recognized by judicial authorities, police, prosecutors and other government agencies in Ukraine and all over the world.














Scientific and legal




Computer and Technology



Benefits of doing business with us:

  • We are the only truly independent experts with many years of experience in the industry market. Read more...
  • We conduct rare types of examinations that are unprecedented. Read more...
  • We guarantee fast terms of examination.
  • We perform trainings and seminars, round tables, conducting scientific dialogues and cooperation in the area of legal expertise both in Ukraine and abroad. Read more...
  • All our experts have been certified in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the accuracy of its findings held criminal responsibility.


We provide:

  • Perform expertise upon application or court order;
  • Balance and completeness of expert analysis, its consistency with international trends and needs of the time;
  • Efficiency and tight schedule of examination;
  • Conducting innovative types of expertise through the use of modern methods and the quality of the software;
  • To gather the necessary information we have an opportunity of traveling right to you;
  • Providing advice on the correct formulation of the question;
  • Support of experts at all stages of expertise, in particular, the participation of experts in court proceedings;
  • Expert studies in other regions of Ukraine;
  • Analysis of previous expert conclusions made ​​by other expert institutions;
  • Complete confidentiality of the information;
  • Flexible payment services and terms.