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Apartment valuation



Apartment valuation . The main goal of the forensic evaluation expertise apartment is to establish fair market value of the property, and in this case the apartment. Independent Institution of Legal Expertise - IILE service offers expert evaluation of apartments Kiev (Ukraine) - from leading experts in the field of independent peer review.
Expert evaluation of real estate (apartments, houses, home ownership):

Assessment of apartment determines market value of ownership of property or other proprietary rights (such as lease rights) comparatively with estimated object of real estate. Independent evaluation of the apartment takes into account all the parameters of the object evaluation damage, caused to your property (fire, illegal actions of third parties). In this case, we determine the amount of damage and amount of insurance.

Objectives of apartment’s assessmnet:
- Purchase and Sale;
- A pledge;
- Division of property;
- Introducing apartments to share capital;
- Evaluation of the apartment for tax purposes;
- Insurance of apartments;
- Other.
  Documents required to assess apartments
- Title documents:
- Technical data sheet BTI.